Monday, November 18, 2013

5 Things today....

So.. obviously.. my blog is not private today.
After an out pouring of love on Facebook from friends and family this weekend.. I have decided to make a few changes with Comment moderation and will see by the end of the year.. if I feel better about keeping my blog open.. or indeed -- still going private.
If you see it closed down one day.. you will know I made my decision!
Thanks to all of you who commented on Facebook, my blog, or sent me e-mails.
All of your kind words felt like hugs.. and I love you!!
Brandon Flowers was all over the internet last week.. because The Killers "Direct Hits" ( greatest hits ) came out last Monday.  I spent some time every day searching for interviews... videos.. and anything I could read or watch.. I did.
I have listened to "Just Another Girl" so much.. my kids almost have it memorized.
I am so excited for their new Christmas song coming soon.. and his next Solo Album.
Yes.. I know I am obsessed.
And.. I still dream of meeting Brandon... and hope one day soon he will do a fireside in Utah.. and also perform with the Mormon Tabernacle choir for Christmas one year.
I can dream right??
I think he can.... I think he can....I think he can....
Tenney is amazing.
I am always in awe that she is mine.
She wakes up early on her own to primp and get ready each morning for school.
She makes herself breakfast.. does her chores.. and then wakes up Chad and I to take her to school.
Chad and I look at each other often -- wondering where we got this good girl?!
Tenney has surpassed my math skills that I graduated with -- and she is only in the 7th grade.
She loathed math and science.. but had elementary teachers that saw the best in her.. and put her in honors classes.
At first.. I really worried.. but she proved us wrong.. and has pulled A's in all of her classes.
She placed her report card and Honor Roll certificate by my bed quietly this morning.
Tenney is a gift to me.
I love her so much.
I am so grateful that the Lord blessed me with such a good spirited daughter to take care of.
She is beyond beautiful inside and out.. and I feel SO fortunate that she is mine.
Chad and I started taking a budget and financial class.
They are teaching it during Sunday School.. and I think it's brilliant to do so.
Trying to fit in another class during the week would be crazy here!
It is awesome.. and I see huge changes already... but seriously.. why did Chad and I  start this class right before Christmas??
I feel a little overwhelmed at trying to budget it all and make it work.. but our teacher advised us to take it to the Lord in Faith.
It's pretty cool to feel the spirit in a Financial class.
I love the open/honesty that I feel as we discuss our finances together.
We have accepted his challenge to free ourselves from debt.. and are putting our trust and Faith in the Lord to help us get through these Holiday months and make our goals these next coming years!!
Besides starting a financial class.. I also decided to start another goal of getting my weight down and feeling better physically.
I have only really excersised  about 10 times this whole year.
It's been a wild year.. and I needed to figure out lots of things before this.
Am I insane to start this change before Thanksgiving and Christmas?
Probably.. but I am going to do this!
Onward.. ever Onward!!!!
Today I am Grateful for:
The Plan of Salvation.  So grateful to have a Testimony that Death is not the end!
I can and I will see my Dad.. Grandparents and all of those dear family members who have gone on before me again!!
A happy weekend!  We got some Christmas shopping done!
People that give hugs and make you let go first
When you read THAT perfect scripture for the day
Doing Christmas Cards this week.
I love to give out cards!
If you would like a Christmas Card.. and haven't received one in the past year or two.. send me a message with your address to
( Even if you live far away.. I send a pile internationally too! )
I love to receive and give cards!  I display my friends and families pictures all year long.
Makes me happy-happy-happy! 


Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

So excited that you are staying open....for now at least. Please let me be part of your private life if you do.

Good for you for doing the financial thing. Our ward did a provident living in Sunday School twice this year. I was teaching a some food storage stuff. It was interesting.
No better time to get your finances in check than before the holidays.

No better time to exercise than today. (Lynsey and I started going to Crossfit, I totally love it and hate it at the same time.)

Tenney is a blessing to you. She is a brilliant girl. Good for her. 7th Grade can be so hard.
Sounds like she really has her stuff together.

Makinzee Loveridge said...

Good list of things! I didn't know the class was taught during church, let me know if you like it at the end! Go exercise it'll make you feel so much better! Even just a walk down the street with the leaves blowing makes me happy (even if it is cold).

springrose said...

I know how you feel about going private. I will be doing that with mine tomorrow. I had a post a few months back where I vented about the situation with a girl at my daughters school. Well someone in my ward told the mom I wrote about it on my blog and got mad and told me to remove it. I did but I will be going private, This is my place to vent sometimes. And having people try to cause problems just because they can is getting old.
Glad you were open today, and awesome job with Tenney! She learned to be that way because of her parents.

Heather said...

I need to read more and find out what happened!

Tenney is amazing! You guys are very lucky and are obviously good parents too!

I too am going to try and get Christmas cards done soon!

Love you Ann and miss you! ((hugs))

Nancy Face said...

I too am so very grateful for the Plan of Salvation.

I really do miss my Dad. The last time he was at my house was Thanksgiving last year, and a week later he was in the hospital with pneumonia and heart failure. He passed away on December 19th, which is the day after Zach will be leaving on his mission. So that week I will be an emotional wreck, but I will get through it because I know Dad is happy, and I know Zach will love the MTC.

wendy said...

Just as well start the weight loss program now....rather then later. Perhaps it'll make you more concientious about what and how much you are eating during these Holiday weeks ahead. But I wouldn't deprive yourself of all the fun'd just be "aware" of it more perhaps. I keep telling myself everyday...THIS IS THE DAY to start loosing weight (ha ha ha, then before I know it, it's tomorrow)
Can you choose a comment button that doesn't ALLOW anonymous. OR, did that rude person have the guts to let you know who it was??
It is always wonderful to see our kids excel isn't it.