Friday, January 4, 2013

It's a New Year after all.....

I had my hair cut and colored yesterday.
It was just what I needed. 
Something for me.  ~ And chatting with my friend and magic hairdresser Emma.
While I was sitting and talking with her... I shared with her that I have been VERY LOW lately.
So low.. that I almost got on Facebook and said..
 " Who wants to go to lunch and let me Emotionally throw up on you?
  Anyone?  Anyone?"
I decided not to post it.. because I have such good friends... that I know many would take pity and say yes.. and then I would feel bad having to pick one. 
I kinda need some one on one listening.  Not group therapy.  You know???
Well.. if anyone that lives close wants to have lunch.. I'm in.
But-- you might get thrown up on.  (Emotionally)
Here we are at 2013.
I have been thinking about what goals I want to accomplish.
Things I need.
Things I wish for.
Things I should be doing.
~ And I decided not on one word... but on four words that I hope to live by.
My words for this New Year are:
My wishes for the year are:
I wish for no one close to me to die this year.  -- Ya.. I know it's selfish.
 - But I could use a break.
Just one year???
To get out of Debt.
To travel somewhere alone with Chad.  We have never been on Vacation together alone ( except for our honeymoon and 1st year anniversary to Capital Reef National Park. ) -- Over 12 years ago!
To make it to the Temple with Chad at least once a Month. 
I hope my Goals and Wishes come true!
Happy Weekend
Today I am Grateful for:
My love for Organizing and De-junking.  It helps me get through January happily.
Lunch date with Chad today.
Freezing temperatures -- that remind us of how grateful we are for warmth.
People that love me for me.


Makinzee Loveridge said...

Like the simplicity of the 4 words. I've been postponing planning for the goals, I'd listen to you if you listen to me:)

Jenny Lynn said...

I really like that you have 4 words for the year. I like your goals. If I lived a little closer to ya, I would love to let you emotionally throw up on me.

Valerie said...

I'm still working on my goals for the year...I love the 4 words you chose!
Add me to the list...I'd love to go to lunch with you!!! Emotional throw-up and all. Maybe we need to figure out a halfway point?

Hope you have a great weekend!!!

Marianne Le Temps Jadis said...

I wish I could there to have lunch with you! But I can see you already have some lovely offers! Anyway, everybody needs to throw up once in a while.
I chose my word or goal for this year. Grateful, I need to be more grateful. You know how much I love your posts about being grateful.I want to be more happy with what I have. I know it sounds like I am ungrateful, that is not the case.Am I making any sense? No, I guess not! LOL
But I will stick to my goal anyway!
Have a nice weekend!
Hugs, Marianne.

CB said...

Oh Ann how I have missed you and the blog!! SO WISH I lived close cause I would really love for you to throw up on me and I can honestly say I have never said that to anyone before!! HA!

I hope all your goals and wishes come true in 2013 - you deserve it! Love you my friend!

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Oh Sweetie so sorry you feel like spewing! You and Chad are always Welcome to stay in our Beach Cottage for free if you can get here.
I then could have lunch with you and let you spew.Lol
Happy New Year! I hope you are Blessed with some Peace and Happiness my Friend~Cheers Kim

Nancy Face said...

Oh, how I'd love to go to lunch with you! Except that we'd BOTH be emotionally puking on each other, so maybe I wouldn't be any help! ;)

mCat said...

I love the idea of 4 words rather than one.

I am delaying any New Year's goals, words, resolutions. I fear failure.

And I'm always up for a lunch date, but I also fear that I would purge as much as you and that would be quite messy : )

Heather said...

I am glad I got to talk to you yesterday. I love you! ((hugs))